About Us


100% Pure Jewellery
Glitter Jewellers in Manurewa are emerging as the #1 Choice among the Indian Community of New Zealand. They do not spend exorbitantly high in their marketing budget, but they are still getting people’s confidence more and more.

Gold Purity
Yep, they are one the few New Zealand based jewellers who can say they have the highest standards of Pure Gold. Glitter Collection sources gold jewellery from Dubai and Singapore, where quality checks for gold is second to none. They are the best sources when it comes to 100% pure Gold Jewellery. They get some ornaments from India, when they are confident of the supplier is legit and only offers their customers the best gold and best value.

Gold Price
Price for gold is fluctuating every single minute as per the worlds bullion market data. At Glitter Collection Jewellers you can get the best price for that day, as Glitter Collection knows exactly when the Gold Prices will go down and they buy in bulk at that time. The benefit is passed on to the end-user as they pay less as compared to pay other jewellers. Be assured that you will get the best Gold Rate without any compromise on gold quality.